Saturday, October 17, 2009

What is wrong with the world?

Voila Ben and Michael and... some more bananas.
This time an ENTIRE BIN was full of bananas.
I did what I could and filled all bags and loaded them high on my bike! Wizzzz...

These bananas are not over ripe. They are not bruised. They are not singles...

I wonder, is this an example of LOOKS-ISM? ...Where things that look better are privileged in our society? I mean, maybe these bananas are not uniform enough in length or shape? Maybe they are still a bit green? Maybe there was a better looking shipment that came in to steal centerstage under luscious lighting on the banana display in the produce isle near you.

I have heard that cute babies get more attention right from the start, getting more love, opportunities, food, etc.

Question: When you shop do you choose the prettiest vegetables, the ones in the absolute best condition? Or, what if you are shopping at the Farmers' Market and the food was grown by a farmer near you? Might you choose more unsightly produce, or do you still search for the nicest, best, freshest and most perfect? What kind of an impact do these choices have on our larger food system?

So, I can say that the fried banana's were delicious (thanks Travis), and the vegan banana pancakes also (thanks Ben). Michael is enjoying his banana health shakes. And well... maybe there will be more bananas in the bins soon! At this rate yum yum YUM!

It is a treat eating bananas these days. We never bought them before.


Bananas travel way too far to be environmentally benign, and we've all heard about the insane industrial production practices... things like sterile workers paid nothing to dip their hands in burning oil, pesticides, bags filled with foremaldehide killing pests, bananas ripening on schedule, and trucks driving through long nights, burning diesel, ripping up the I-5 to dump their loads in the garbage outside the grocery story.

Ah... thanks for the rant.

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  1. Hey Sara, your post reminded me of this: Have you ever noticed that Dad will always pick out damaged things (weird-looking produce, dented cans (a totally bad idea!), books with bent covers, Charlie Brown Christmas tree etc.) almost as if he is doing a favour to the stores or sellers? Sometimes this makes sense, say at a farmer's market, but in other contexts it is just weird.