Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The great Abundance of Collective Living

Things accumulate at the Beehive!

These thirteen umbrellas are one example of the surprising abundance of collective living! Who's unlucky?

There were times before I lived here when I did not have an umbrella when I needed one. I don't have that problem anymore! We've put a few surplus umbrellas in the Free Box (outside on sunny days).

Bees don't really need umbrellas right now because it is SO COLD in our city! Come over for dinner, or to drink tea and be warm!


  1. Hi Madame Red Sara,

    This is Emily from the lands South! We send Bountiful Love and Happiness for the New Year!

    This post is also a request...May I please come to stay with the bees this comming 21-25 of January? Would be very pleased to contribute in any way possible! I have visited before, once with Carlos (of LA) and once with only Chocolate : )

    Soon I will call Kyle, whose contact number I have.

    Hope to see you soon! But tell me if you are busy!

    Warmest Wishes,

  2. I love the umbrella pic ! ! !
    I hope all is well at the hive ! ! !