Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do you want to live in community?

The Beehive Collective House is looking for a new housemate / collective member for July 1, Aug possible.

Who are we?  

The Beehive is an established collective house located just off Commercial Drive. We believe that mutual support in the domestic realm fosters stronger individuals and stronger communities.  Collective living is a powerful form of activism, allowing us to exercise our values of social and environmental justice right in the home.  Together, we hold safe space for individual and collective growth.


We welcome interest from queer folk, elders, youth, people of varied colours and cultures. 

We value: 

  • Shared meals (we have a big kitchen and eat dinners together)
  • Environmental consciousness and practice
  • Open communication and supporting each other
  • Vegetarian/vegan/freegan/local food & cooking from scratch
  • Kids
  • Animals
  • Community-building and skill sharing
  • Laughter, games, music, stories, creativity
  • Growing food (we have a garden), and foraging.

As a new housemate you will:

join 5 other adults and 3 cats. There is a guest room for friends and visitors. Kid or dog a possibility.


varies depending on income, but it is very very very affordable. Inquire if you need specifics.


we ideally seek someone who plans to live here for longer, rather than shorter; we have been a low transition house for the last 3 years, and this adds to the warm sense of connection in the house. 

In joining us, some of the things you would be involved in are:

  • Eating together is one of the great joys of collective living, and since the Beehive's inception it has been a central priority of the house.  We share sit-down dinners almost every night of the week, and expect that people are home for dinner at least half the time. We each cook dinner one night a week for everyone. We eat ethically sourced food (local, home-grown, CSA, organic, dumpstered, unprocessed and/or minimally packaged).
  • Regular, organized housework to maintain our community.
  • An almost weekly house meeting lasting 1.5 hours based on consensus.
  • Having friends and guests over for dinners and overnight visits in the guest room.
  • Occasional larger social events such as potlucks, meetings, workshops and birthday parties.
  • Weekly 30-minute meditation session if interested.
  • Processing food – making preserves, fermented foods, sprouts, soup stock, etc.
  • A happily bike-based home.
  • Overall, we exercise simple, economical and environmentally friendly living. We are social but not a party home, and the house is usually quiet and calm in the evenings, with a clean kitchen.

If think you might be interested to consider joining our home, please email us at and answer the questions below:

  • What do you hope to gain from living in community?
  • Do you have experiences living collectively?  Or with other Collectives?
  • What skills and passion do you bring to the house?
  • Give us an example of an environmental practice from your life.

  • Any questions or concerns?
  • Please include your phone number, as the next step is a conversation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

~the bees: Leslee, Sara, Jenna, Ben, and Michael, plus Sandwich, Greg and Donut.


  1. Raven SingularityJune 12, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    Your collective home sounds great.

  2. Hey People we found a housemate, so we're no longer looking. Still feel free to drop us a line, as we are always happy to meet new people, and sometimes we know of other house openings in RAD collective houses.

  3. The Beehive is once again looking, this time for April 1st, 2014