Monday, August 13, 2012

view from our living room window

I know we've had a lot of garden posts this summer, but I think that's because its just so AWESOME!!
There's our huge and happy grape vine producing wee grapes, red robin approved blueberries, reach-for-the-sky-high pole beans, and of course, zucchinis!
The rescued fruit trees seem to be doing well in pots, especially the 2 fig trees - hello growth spurt! Meanwhile I've created an almost medieval looking suspension system for one of our older dwarf apple trees in a container - growing apples and spindly branches didn't look like they'd be a winning combination! I'm looking forward to moving that tree into a bigger pot and give it a good pruning in the autumn.

Autumn planning?! Yikes! I'd better get outside now and enjoy some nuce summer weather!

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