Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Edition... the Dandelion Seed!

Hot off the press from Nelson, this awesome publication has submissions from Beehive members Sara and Michael.  Solena, the Editor, lived at the Beehive for several years, and her family were founding members of our house.

Note: Solena (Ed) is the one in the picture who is not pregnant! 
Tasha, who is pregnant, is a Beehive founder.

Enjoy the read! It's worth it because there are many reflections of some of the values we hold up and cultivate in our house, and other houses with similiar intentions... things like: sharing, celebration, cooperation, creativity, growing food, mindfulness, kids, salvaging and overall thinking about the effects of our actions and choices as individuals and collectively.

Thanks to the production team, and to everyone who dreamed and did it.

DOWNLOAD the Dandelion Seed HERE

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