Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Burrard Bridge Bike Lanes!

From a message by Richard Campbell to the members of the facebook group Burrard Bridge Bike Lanes (3BL):


With everybody back to work and school, this week is a big test for the Burrard Bridge Trial.

So far, the trial has been a great success with a 25% increase in the number of people cycling over the bridge and only minor delays for people driving over the bridge. The protected lanes are really fantastic.It is so great to be able to ride over the bridge without potential conflicts with pedestrians. It is also great to see people walking side by side on the sidewalks without having to dodge cyclists.

Ride Over the Bridge

If you are going downtown this week, please make an effort to cycle over the bridge. With roads and transit clogged with commuters, cycling will be the fastest way to get around the city the next week.

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition will be handing out goodies and information Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Contact the Media and Mayor and Council

If there are traffic delays on the bridge, you can bet that people who don't like the safe lanes on the Bridge will be phoning radio call in shows, contacting Mayor and Council and sending letters to the newspapers.

It is critical that you do the same and phone call in shows, contact mayor and council and send letters to the editor. We need to show the media and the Mayor that lots of people support safe cycling and walking facilities on Burrard Bridge.

Remember that the safety of all people that use the bridge must be the priority.

Mayor and Council,,,,,,,,,,

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