Sunday, September 6, 2009

Katya, Beverly, and Michael visit Vancouver

A couple of weeks ago, my dad (also Michael), stepmom (Beverly) and little sister (Katya) came to visit Vancouver for the first time.

On Friday we visited Simon Fraser University, where I work.

Katya introduced herself to Terry Fox, then realized it was just a statue.

Katya and I used one of SFU's teleportation pods to get home...

...where we did some drawing with Solena.

On Saturday, we went for a bike ride on the sea wall around Stanley Park.

As we were passing under the Lion's Gate Bridge, so too were several cruise-ships, sailboats, and other boats. Sea planes were taking off and landing. Cars racing across the bridge overhead. So many people moving in so many ways. Wow! (Picture by Katya)

On Sunday the family came over to the beehive for lunch. I put them to work cracking hazelnuts for the dessert I made. In a blender, grind up hazelnuts with some berries, a little water, and a squirt of maple syrup. Scoop this mixture onto apricot halves. Sprinkle with cinamon and drizzle maple syrup across the top. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 375F.

Later we went to work in the garden.

One of Katya's favourite things about Vancouver is Donut.

We had Sunday dinner at Bo Kong. Katya learned how to use chopsticks.

Walking home, Dad took this cool picture of downtown.

Here's Katya riding Michael's bicycle.

I think they had a good time and I'm looking forward to their next visit.

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