Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beehive on CBC radio 3

Subject: salvaging food from dumpsters. Listen-->

Part one: Explaining and Debunking some Myths
Part two: Tips for Salvaging

-Bread from the Bin-

Discussions with housemates after this interview have revealed for me a KEY PIECE of thinking which guides our food values in this house. Ready for it?

We value food that has a LOW IMPACT on the world around us.
period. It seems simple and clear, and I wish I'd had it on the tip of my tongue for the interview.

Sustainable is a shifting and slippery concept, useful for stimulating discussion for sure, and for thinking about problems from multiple perspectives (personal, systemic, political, etc). But what does sustainable really mean? LOW IMPACT seems to be another way of saying it.

Salvaging from the waste stream means that the impact from food has already happened. Our decision to consume the food does not drive the demand for more of that product, nor are we responsible for transportation associated costs, fertilizer costs, destruction of habitat costs, unfair labour practices, etc.

Excited about Local Food
...and about working in our neighbourhood around the Beehive to meet and work with others who are relearning lost skills of growing the food that will become our bodies! Vive the locavore.

Check out this bit of local inspiration! Knock on your neighbours' doors, talk about projects relating to food in the hood! LINK: two block diet.


  1. AWESOME radio interview Sara! So proud of the Beehive! :) Yael

  2. Hello! A local TV Production Company is looking for a group of "freegans" or "salvagers" for a possible TV series..wonder if you might be interested in talking?

    (Chloe Eckert)