Monday, January 24, 2011

FREE Popcorn!!!

Isn't this the kind of house guest we all want?! One who comes home with a GIANT bag of FREE popcorn after her trip to the movies.

Day one.
We worked hard at it. Ate lots of popcorn. All is well at the Beehive.

Day two.
Still going strong. Popcorn is delicious.

Day three.
mmmmmmm... popcorn!

Day four.
Sealed in a bag, this popcorn is fresh and tasty.

Day five.
Yup, we've still got some. Do you want to take a bag home?

Day six.
Popcorn. SO GOOD!

Anyways, not sure how many days we ate popcorn for but this was a "hostess gift" that just kept on giving.
Thanks Andrea!

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