Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Experimenting with Microgreens

A lot of the chores I'm responsible for around the house are cleaning oriented; which is great, I love to have a clean and healthy home! I am also really enjoying exploring some food-creation chores lately (see the previous post on Kombucha!)

Something I started up as the winter set in was sprouting. I tried a couple different kinds of seeds; Alfalfa was popular, radish sprouts were spicy, and a couple other miscellaneous seeds were unremarkable.

A really exciting experiment that's been sprouting on my mind is microgreens. I've really wanted to try growing some for a while now but was overwhelmed thinking about substrate to grow them in; often it is single-use potting soil. Sure its possible to compost it afterwards, but I hesitate to go buy a bag of soil to experiment with.

Red Sara to the rescue! With some "material" she had around (possibly cotton?) that she had been saving for such an endeavour. I think sunflower sprouts are the usual suspect for microgreens, but I'd heard of kale being grown, and I just happened to have a large envelope of kale seeds collected a couple years ago that need using up.

Success? I think I'll harvest in the next couple days, we shall see!

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