Sunday, April 29, 2012

Worker Bee Highlights - Gardening

Sunday April 15, 2012:

2 cubic yards of Organic Cow Manure! Before our Workbee, in order to increase the fertility of our garden Sara ordered us 2 cubic yards of manure (see pic). Before/During the Workbee the rest of us (Myself, Travis, Leslee, Michael, and our newest housemate Jenna! shoveled, wheelbarrowed, and spread the manure around our various beds in the front.

However, to make a garden as productive as possible you must add other things such as manure/lime to add other nutrients and change the pH to make it optimal for plants to grow. So Travis as our head composter extraordinaire, moved several buckets of compost from the back to the front. Meanwhile, to handle the increase in bulk soil of one of our beds surrounding the tree in the front, myself, Leslee, and Jenna added some salvaged wood posts to contain the excess height of the manure/compost/lime.

Finally, to conclude our morning of gardening Travis plated some quinoa, buckwheat and millet in the strip between the garlic and the strawberries! 

Leslee with shovel in hand!

 Ben trying to spread the massive amount of manure he just dumped from the wheelbarrow behind him!

Travis churning the compost with a hoe!

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